Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Falcon

This is Katelynn, Lauren, and Nishtha. Today was our second day in Jinja. We spent most of the day on the new land meeting with the villagers and digging up the land. Tomorrow we will plant the seedlings for the Moringa trees. It was great to interact with the people who will become neighbors to Julius, Irene, and the children. We loved seeing the well with clear running water for not only the orphanage but the villagers as well. We really enjoyed speaking with the women who welcomed us with a song in typical African fashion. Everyone was really happy to see us and eager to work together. We had a woman's chat and asked the women to speak about their daily lives, including the most difficult part of their day. Most agreed that paying for school fees and uniforms was the hardest part of their daily lives.

Yesterday we met two of the children in the village: a girl and her younger brother, Adam. Nishtha befriended Adam. When we returned today we came with clothes and toys for both children. Nishtha even gave Adam her favorite stuffed tiger and he gave Nishtha a necklace that he made. The girl looked beautiful in her new outfit and was beaming for the rest of the day. Soon a few other children joined us and we played catch, soccer, and hopscotch.

After spending time on the new land, we visited Julius, Irene, and the children at their current home. We brought crayons and coloring books that students from Glens Falls high school made for our trip. It was great to see them all sitting so quietly, patiently coloring inside the lines. We also traced all of the children's feet and recorded their clothing size in order to put together packages for each child. When we came back to the hotel, we filled a backpack for each child with an outfit, toys, pens and pencils, coloring books, stickers, candy, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

All of you who know Nishtha will be happy to know that she has started to tell her jokes. Have you heard the one about the Falcon?

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