Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Group is Trying to Kill ME!!!

After being sick all day from the poison they fed me, they were kind enough to bring me some purple "water" in a sealed Dasani bottle. Turns out its vodka... Please send a rescue team to Hotel Paridise on the Nile in Jinja. There is a 5,000 ugandan shilling reward.

But seriously, it turns out its probably not a good idea to eat jack fruit, eat strange red and black seeds, chew on sugar cane, drink well water that I'm not used to all while being dehydrated and working in the Ugandan sun. Who would have guessed?

Besides my sickness its been a great experience so far. I started to help dig the trench for the foundation of the Rafiki house where the farm hand will live. I'm feeling better now, stay tuned later in the week to see progress (on the house, and my health). Thanks for everyone reading, its with your help that this project and blog is possible.


P.S. No cause for alarm, Mom. I'm seriously feeling better.

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