Monday, July 26, 2010

Jinja Arrival

Hi, this is Kelly...I wanted to provide an update as soon as we were able on our first day in Jinja.

The Giving Circle and Team Rafiki (Koi Koi House) Team arrived in Uganda at about 1AM EDT. The trip was grueling and somewhere across the time zones we lost a day! We spent 10 hours in London and had a great time. We expected that we'd be so tired from a full day of activity after the first long leg, but NOOOOOOO we could not sleep until about 3AM Ugandan time with 4 hours left in the last leg of the flight.

Once we arrived, we gathered all 31 bags that we checked for the children, orphanage, schools, village etc. That took about 2 hours to accomplish. In total, we had 40 or so bags to transport from Entebbe to Jinja. Julius and his wife, Irene, along with Bernard met us at the airport with two vans - one for 10 of us and one for all the luggage! Once we arrived, we placed all the luggage in a special room at the hotel for sorting later. We checked in and dumped all our personal things in our rooms. Az gets his own room this trip as they didn't have any double beds in the rooms for us to share.

We then headed to the orphanage to see our children. All I can say when we got there is OMG! We were so overwhelmed with emotion. The children were all over us, just hugging us over and over again. We couldn't hug each other enough!! All we had time to bring to them was a frisbee and a soccer ball. We played for a few hours there with them, singing, dancing, playing frisbee and soccer!

After that, we headed over to the land that we all have purchased for them and to see the running water in the well. The land is awesome. It also has fruit trees already there. We planted a tree today to memorialize our first visit together!

We are back at the hotel now. It's 6 PM Jinja-time (Jinja is 7 hours ahead of the east coast). We'll have dinner at 7PM and then begin sorting the things we brought for everyone.

We'll post pictures from today shortly along with the other team members thoughts.

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