Friday, July 30, 2010

A very special day in so many ways

Hi, it’s Mark

Its been another day of great heat and very hard, always thirsty, sun burns and just dead tired, but far more so another day filled with my “family” more thank
Kelly and Azurah but all my family, our team who Kelly, Azurah and could not love more and our Ugandan family our children not just in our home but everywhere
and greatly so in our village, the site of the Koi Koi House and the whole project.

John and Denise have great expertise in Africa, this is far different for me than anywhere we/The Giving Circle have ever work and I am learning a great deal
from them and all that I can see. Kelly and I feel so blessed to have found them and all this team each and every one of them they are all so special and working
so hard and loving the people of Uganda, REALLY the children.

Our Village “ Why-li- ca” like all of Uganda is so profoundly poor made up of mud huts. They have greeted us as family and thank us always for coming to them,
that means each and everyone of you, they welcome and need us all.

Many of you know the story of my childhood dream to work in Africa also what I dreamed over the last 21 years of naming an orphanage of my love Kelly.

Today is our 17th wedding anniversary. For me there could be no greater joy then watching my love Kelly (Koi Koi) here loving the children and interacting with the village woman and seeing Azurah covered with children hugging them, carrying them around, it's a dream come true.

In our village there was the most beautiful little boy who fell in love with Az and Az with him. The boy in his tattered rags and no shoes and is severely crossed eyed and has the worlds biggest smile. This little one told Azurah through an interpreter “I like you because you don’t care about what I look like”.

There is a group of eve doctors here from the UK who has agreed to see this sweet boy for us.

There is nothing more I could ask for but tonight at the meal the team gave Kelly and I a great cake and gift and a card with notes that brought us such joy and tears.

The days are filled with great joy and hard work and at times, sad news, we just found the test results for one of our teen girls who has been feeling very ill.
She lost both parents to AIDS, with great sadness I must tell you her test was positive.

In our village over 500 children can not go to school because of no funds and no school clothes, the fear is too great that walking too far the children will be
stolen as many are. But with your love and help we will give her and all our children, and all to come, and this village and its people...

So yes it’s been a day crazy heat and very hard work, always thirsty, sun burns and just dead tired and also great joys, OMG I love Uganda.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary. I think charcoal is the gift for 17 yrs.!! Sounds like very special trip is underway, stay safe and give my love to everyone! Fred

  2. LOL thanks Fred. Cole can be nice but for me this was perfect friends and family, the people and kids, dead tired and covered in red Ugandan mud, it just don't get any better.

  3. I love what the boy said to Az. It just shows what a little attention and kindness can do for someone that has so little.
    Keep up the great work guys. Wish I could be with you. Next time!!
    ~Kelly Q