Monday, July 26, 2010

We made it!!!!

This is John....It's Monday (I think) and we have all arrived safe and tired along with all our 31 bags of supplies which is a feat in itself. Today was truly wonderful as I reunited with the children, Julius, Irene and Bernard, and was able to enjoy the special connection between Mark and Julius as they met for the first time. We all enjoyed each other playing soccer for a bit ten headed up to the land of the future Koi Koi house. As we walked the dirt land, and Julius explained how is dream shad come true, I was reminded of what a group of dedicated people here and back home can and are doing for our family here in Uganda.

I'm cutting this short as its time to eat, and I'm a one finger typer so i will catch up a little later in the week.

Take good care,

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