Sunday, August 1, 2010

Delays in blog postings....

So, we've been working very hard these last few days. Also, there's been a stomach virus type thing hitting one of us each day along with sun poisoning, so it's been interesting to say the least. I just wanted to touch base so that you know we have not forgotten to update you. Besides these, the internet has not worked in a day or so for us to post.

The Rafiki building is more than half done, it's awesome! Also, the pig pen is almost finished. Mark will post more pictures tonight so that you can see the progress.

We planted the moringa trees, some fruit trees, beans and watermelon as well. All the villagers are so happy and great us with such love each and every day. One little boy, named Adam who is HIV positive (only 2 years old or so), was glued to me all day today (literally). He carried stone and helped me plant and water. What a cutie he is!

I wish you all could see Az with the children - as soon as they show up, they flock to him and hang off him, hold his hands and follow him around. He's a natural.

When we went to Kampala yesterday to see the Ugandan Crafters, I tried to find SGS Uganda - never know, may want to work there one day!

I have to agree with Mark, we LOVE UGANDA, especially the PEOPLE!


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