Monday, August 2, 2010

A Happy Day

We picked up 'Joe Willy' (10 years old), Emma (1), Bonita (13) to get their eyes checked at the New Vision Clinic, and Prasy (18), and Olivia (16) to get the HIV test. When we got there we saw more than 100 people waiting in line to get their eyes checked or get tested for HIV. Katelynn, Nishtha, and Azurah were waiting for the doctor to get Emma's eyes checked. While Azurah was holding Emma, she kept on looking around and tried to figure out where were all the sounds coming from.
At first the doctor thought that Emma had Cataract but later diagnosed that her mother had Rubella during pregnancy. The doctor later discovered that she has squint eyes and will try to give her a chance to see the beautiful colors around. Meanwhile, Denise and Kelly were waiting with Prasy and Olivia to get them tested for HIV. The girls were trembling while their blood was drawn. The 30 minutes wait seemed never ending. Finally the results came and they were tested negative! All of us couldn't be happier!

Joe Willy, Azurah's buddy, was thought to have double vision but the doctor had some good news for us; he has good eye sight! His eye muscles are weak and his brain just sees the image with the eye that is straight.

Thanks to all the doctors and volunteers from New Vision Clinic who came all the way from England to help these beautiful people.

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