Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am all set!

It's been almost 4 days after I saw everyone at the airport. That big
smile on everyone's face after they saw me is one of the memories that I
will always cherish. Even after 4 days I see the green clock on my white
wall and try to think what would I be doing in Africa at this time?

I miss sitting on the red soil and getting my clothes dirty; I miss
running around with the kids and giving them infinite hugs; I miss nailing
things (for chicken coop, and pig house) and digging the ground; I miss
eating on banana leaves with dirty hands; I miss cleaning my hands with my
pants after eating oily chapattis in the car; I miss bothering Frank and
Az and asking them "why?" every minute; I miss those bumpy roads and
crashing into the person sitting next to me; I miss hearing that laughter
after I tell my stupid jokes! I know I am getting a bit emotional right
now and I will try to man-up!

When I did my laundry this week I saw all the red soil coming off my
clothes but the memories of how it got there are still left behind. I
didn't think that getting back to reality would be so difficult but it is.
I close my eyes in the middle of the day and think about all the time I
have spent with all of our 9 most beautiful and handsome team members. I
have started to smile in the bathroom while showering, walking, and eating
(not in the bathroom). I think I have fallen in love with Uganda and the
Ugandans! Missing you a lottttttttttt Julius, Irene, Bernard, Paul,
'young' Julius, Wilson, and all the wonderful kids with their magical

Coming back to US has made me realize how fortunate I am to get know
everyone on this trip. You all made me believe in the power of love, care,
holding hands (I don't think it's cheesy anymore), and hugs of course!
Every day is a new day now and even in the worst circumstances, I will
say, "I am all set!"

Lauren's soulmate


  1. It's been almost 5 days since I saw everyone at the airport!

  2. I keep reading all of these posts from people who went to Uganda and am sure, even more now, that I want very much to be a part of this wonderful experience. Love, laughter, eating a banana with dirty hands, and digging holes or building a chicken coop...Thank you for sharing. You don't know me, but I hope one day to meet every one associated with this blog and maybe be invited to be a volunteer on one of your trips back to Uganda to see the faces of the people of Koi Koi village.
    -Sherri Schermerhorn
    University of Texas at Arlington(UTA) student
    American Red Cross Case Moniter/Auditer Intern