Saturday, August 7, 2010

This is Mark, some quick pics before crash..

Please Meet the newest member of our Ugandan family. Julius and Irene have given me an honor I do not deserve but will always cherish as I will cherish this boy ( and our our Ugandan children and family). Please meet Mark Bertrand Lwanga

We have hand so many "signs" or "karma" or what ever you may call it related to this wonderful project, its crazy..

Now it looks almost at the very same time Irene was bringing into this life this beautiful boy my daughter was having our new granddaughter.

I'm as you all are after that crazy trip home, very tired and soon off to bed to dream about a trip I dreamed about as far back as a small child, doing what I dreamed about with people who are all a dream come true.

We did so much, experienced so much, now get some rest because we have so much more to do for and with our wonderful Ugandan family. An orphanage to build, our children to get sponsored. In time a school to educated EVERY child in our village and so much more..
falling asleep, be well and happy all

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  1. As I followed your days of incredible accomplishments, I could feel in your words and pictures that you'd found that place where who we are and why we're here connect perfectly.

    Especially your anniversary post... enough words to reveal the mountains of emotion behind them and the recognition of "home" where all the pieces of your dreams came together.

    All this and now Mark Bertrand Lwanga. Signs and karma, yes. But more, I believe, it is the synchronicity of past, present and future. I try hard not to envy, but on this I do.

    Congratulations to Julius and Irene, and to you and Kelly on your new granddaughter.