Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of Work

The internet access is spotty at best!  We are doing our best to keep you updated!

Today was the first day that we travelled to Jinja and visited Moses’s school.  We had a wonderful tour of the school that is coed.  Most of the children were out of school 3 weeks early for the term. Food prices have gone up and it was too costly to keep the children in school for the remaining 3 weeks. The children at Moses’s school perfomed the most wonderful song and dance for us to welcome us.  I was so moved by the love and warmth that flowed so freely from these beautiful people.  We broke into groups and some were teaching, others painting and I was cooking soup with Fred for 150 children.  The children were so thankful and so happy to have this hot vegetable soup.  The things we take for granted that bring these people so much joy is immeasurable.  The children just wanted to be held, played with and loved.  Before we could make the soup we had to take a trip to Jinja.  Now that was an experience!!  We had the driver with us to negotiate the price of the vegetables and bread and thank goodness for that.  They saw “Mazugoo”, which means white person, and thought they “had me”! J  Being I was the only white female on the street there were a few people staring!!  This was an amazing experience to be in the open market and see how hard these people work to make so little money.

From there we went about 3 miles from the school to the village,Wairaka,  where the bulk of the work is being done by the group.  Here is where the well was drilled and the piggery built last year. The land has been cleared for the school and the playground equipment has been installed. 

Driving along the streets of Africa and Jinja is an experience.  We are on a bus and have a driver but the traffic and people on foot and on scooters are unbelievable.  I have had a few heart attacks but have settled into the easy way everyone handles it here!!

Upon arriving at the school we were greeted by a swarm of children.  I have never, ever seen such huge beautiful smiles!  The all just wanted to touch, pat, rub, hang and hug on us.  Here is where the bulk of our time and work will be.  There are 11 tribes in this city and we hope to build a school, etc. to support all of the children of the tribes.  We spent quite a bit of our day doing just that. Playing soccer, teaching the girls hop scotch, and letting them braid my hair!  It was a long day but one of the most fulfilling days of my life.  Then we were off to go back to the hotel where we shower, have dinner and then a group meeting to discuss the next days activities.  Tomorrow we are off to the womens prison to visit and bring the children there some toys, clothes and treats. 

Africa is a beautiful country with the most beautiful people.  This has been an incredible  life changing experience and will continue to be so.  I promise to get some pictures up tomorrow.  We are having incredible issues with the internet.

BTW, we stopped by the side of the road on the way here to buy some banana’s from some women. The were the most delicious banana’s I have ever tasted.  It is so amazing.

Love to all,

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