Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going to Prison

Hello all, Kelly Quinn here this time! Today was quite a busy day. We got to sleep in a bit but it was jam packed once we got going. 

Our day started out going to a women's prison. I had no idea what to expect going into this visit but my head was spinning by the time we left. Yes, there are women there that have committed crimes, but there are also women who basically had no one to defend them when they were accused of a crime. Some are educated, some don't know how to write their names. One of the saddest parts of the prison is the children. Children have to live in prison with their mothers until either their mother is freed or when they turn 18 - whichever comes first, and sadly most of the children we met today were only a few years old or younger. There is no education for these kids, few clothes or supplies and they have to live on whatever food is provided for their mother's by the prison. We brought along some items like soap, baby clothes, chap stick (which was a huge hit!) and some toys for the kids but there is so much more they need. It was amazing to meet these women, hear their stories and help were we could but it was a very emotional visit. 

After leaving the prison we headed to the village to meet the women crafters that make all the paper bead necklaces and the other items we all love to buy. Before we could even pull into the main part of the village, children were coming out of everywhere to chase the bus down the road. We could hardly make it off the bus before being snatched up by whichever kids have adopted you as their favorite. They love to be hugged and held, and even just holding their hands is so important - they will fight over your hand holding time!

After a welcome greeting of dancing and African drums we were let loose on the crafters and did some damage to our wallets. Once we bought our share of goods we spent some more time playing and getting some quality time in with the kids. It was actually hot today, so we were all pretty sweaty and dirty by the time we left. But we weren't done yet! On to Jinja Town where we continued the shopping spree with carvings, paintings, clothes and anything else you can imagine.

Eventually we made our way back to the hotel to clean up, have dinner and settle in for the night. I hope I have done justice to all that went on today.

Another amazing day in Uganda comes to a close!

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  1. That is so sad about the women's prison. Innocent children made to live like that while some guilty are allowed to live in a house built with selfless giving, friendship and love.

    Children fighting over your hand-holding time! Now that is just precious.