Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greetings all, this is Mark.

I am so sorry post have not been coming fast when we combine a fully packed day, our GREAT wanting to spend every waking second the children and all of our Ugandan-And power and internet slow and/or down, please bear with us.

BUT know in time we will get you all the many photos-videos - updates and countless stories with the best ones coming from your loved ones when they return.

That being said it will be a job for our leadership team to drag your friends and family on to that plane to leaving Uganda to come home.

Uganda is called the pearl of Africa, your friends and family on this team, here for the first time now know why.

I will do my best to load some pictures, please enjoy.

Please be well ad happy from all of us here.


  1. Mark,
    Many thanks to you and the team for keeping us statesiders updated. It sounds like you are having an awesome time, but that was expected from such a terrific team.
    Best wishes for a productive and fun last few days, and safe travels home.
    Brother Paul

  2. The photos are wonderful. So many smiles! Thanks for posting them so we can see.