Monday, August 15, 2011

On The Way To The AirporT

Saturday August 6th, 2011

            I am on my way to the airport. Since my father went to Guinea last Friday, I wasn’t able to get anyone to get anyone to drive me to JFK airport so I was all on my own. I took the train then now I am on the Q3 bus heading towards the airport. On the bus as I was talking to the bus operator and he was asking me where I was going, I was thinking about all of the difference that I would experience in Uganda, more especially the two cities of Kampala and Jinja. I hadn’t been in Africa since 2002, when I left Guinea in April to go to the United States. It’s been so long for me that now all I know is America. Along the way, I stared at everything that I could so that I would have something to compare the life in Uganda to. I stared at the corner groceries, buildings, highways, buses, cars, people, plants, and even the animals (pets) that were outside. I kept on thinking about what I was going to see in Jinja. I still remember Conakry, Guinea, well a little bit. Ok I barely remember anything except for little places and people. I live in the capital Conakry and my family and I made a good living and we survived as best as I could. If Conakry were like Jinja I thought, well this would be an overwhelming trip to this country.
            An hour later on the Q3 bus, I finally arrive at JFK airport. Again I tried to picture what the airport in Uganda would be like. A moment later I snapped and looked at the time, and it was already 5:00pm. I started to rush and ended up going the wrong way to the A Train. At last I figured out my way and ended up at terminal 7 where I stood for an hour not realizing that The Giving Circle, the people whom I was to make the trip with were simply behind me. In my mind, I yelled where is the big sign that says:

            “The Giving Circle”

A few hours later we were on our way to the line.  It was time to make the trip to Uganda, but 1st we would have to stop at London’s Heathrow Airport for 12 hours .  I didn’t even get a Visa for London, and I knew that they would want to get in the city to see places.  

Umaru Barrie <3

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