Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Last Day...

So, it's hard to believe, but it's actually our last day here in Jinja.  These two weeks just flew by. 

Most of the team went back to Wairaka to say goodbye for now to the villagers.  This was very emotional for all especially our ugandan families. 

I can't express enough how incredible these Ugandan people are, ESPECIALLY the children.  They just love you unconditionally and we love them back.

We aren't really saying goodbye though, we are just going back to the US for a while and will be back when they start their first term in the fall.  This is how we reconciled leaving and for the children, this worked as well.

We will post more pictures when we get home.  We finished all of our projects and want you all to see them in action in the form of pictures.

Ta Ta for now ... talk again when we are back in the US.

Mamma Koi Koi, Mark and Az

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