Monday, August 15, 2011

Sponsored Koi Koi Children

Yesterday, Monday, August 15, the whole team went to the Koi Koi House to visit the 9 children still living at the Koi Koi House with Julius and Irene. We were accompanied by the Head Probation Officers (Uganda Child Welfare Office) in order for them to ensure our safety along with checking the condition of the home and children.

This was a VERY emotional visit.  All 9 children were in fact there and looked well.  We were able to give them their gifts by their sponsors and spend a little time with them. We also handed out shoes and t-shirts to them to have (and some lollipops!).  The Probation Officers wouldn't allow us to take video or pictures at the house at this time so as not to add more stress to the children.

We are gaining very important support from the Asst Chairman (Paul) of the Jinja district (highest in Jinja) and he also lives in Wairaka and has a major interest in that village and the work we have done and plan to do.  In addition, we have the support of Jimmy, Chairman of Child Welfare and Charities.  We have a meeting Tuesday with this group, the Chairmon of the Jinja District and another very high government official linked to the President of Uganda.

Along with following this route, we are also working closely with our attorney, Rhachel...taking both avenues against Julius and Irene.

Things are progressing well and we are taking every precaution to protect our children!

The remainder of the day was spent in Wairlaka taking video and pictures of the remaining sponsored children, giving them their gifts from their sponsors along with shoes and clothes.  We will soon post those videos on the sponsorship site so that the sponsors can see their children.

The last stop was back to the women's prison to give them blankets (Denise and Mamma Koi Koi purchased 60 of these warm blankets for the chilly nights in Africa!), the rest of the shoes and wash cloths for the women and their children with them.

It was surely a GREAT day!

Mamma Koi Koi

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  1. What a relief to hear that all the children are still in the house and doing well. I hope progress was made with the officials Tuesday. Sorry you weren't able to take pictures but it's better that everyone was safe and without more stress than the situation has already caused. I'll bet all the kids were so happy to see all of you. I hope you were able to give a big hug to my beautiful little dancing and singing superstar Monica.