Thursday, July 12, 2012

Iyan Update

I talked to Mark at some point in the middle of the night and he gave me a good update on Iyan.  The doctor thinks that what he has is not cancer. Moses and Mark found the father.  This boy has had this infection for the last 6 months and has eaten away part of his jaw.  So, the doctor is now going to provide an IV drip of antibiotics.   He has to go every day but not sure for how long.  The team is also working on finding a doctor to reconstruct that side of his face/jaw when the infection is gone. Mark said, and I quote: "there is hope".  This is so good and hope the team reads this since the last we knew it was just the opposite.

The team, except Mark, arrived home very early this AM after a long 24-30 hours of travel.  Thank you for following the blog and there will be more updates in the coming days so stay tuned in!

Mama Koi Koi

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