Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday (Fletch)

Hello everyone! This is Fletch! I'm having a great time in Jinja, Uganda and the surrounding areas. Yesterday ( Sunday 7/8 ) we were at Kagoma Gate where the Friendship School was built. Toni, Deirdre, Katie, and I were walking from the bus to the school, and a mother stopped us on the path. Her child had a huge cheek swollen and we could see a huge white mass inside a huge open wound between his neck and cheek. It was his jaw bone, completely open to infection. We took him to the clinic where he was checked out and got antibiotics. Today Mark took him to the hospital where the boy was x-rayed and tomorrow he will have an operation. I'll keep him in my prayers. On a brighter note, I am enjoying teaching students math and science classes in the primary and secondary schools, playing with all the kids everywhere (football, and different fun group games), painting, giving out donated goods, and experiencing the culture here. Stoney Tangawizi, chapatti, boda bodas, samosas, bucket showers, jeopardy lessons, morning runs into town on which all the Ugandas stare and sometimes cheer, being called Mzungu, purple peanut butter paste, malarone pills, talking with the kids, shillings, and rooming with Az. I've been pretty good about keeping up with my journal, which will be a great memory, especially for when I have to do a presentation of the trip to my summer school Health class this week for missing the first three days. The trip has been great. The American team (Az, Natalie, Alvin, Denise, Katara, Mark, Ann, Fred, Mike, Kelly B, Kelly Q, Abby, Sara, Katie, Toni, Deirdre, Katelynn, Diane, Rosie, and Annabela) ( and Chris) are great, and I love the Ugandan team (Moses, Emma, Paul, Brian, Bernard, Yasin, Rose, Cecilia, Pauline, little Denise, and Ronnie) !!! Hanging out with them and finding out the hard stories of the people here has been truly life-changing. And the best part has definitely been being able to help them. I have loved this trip and hope to return next year with this great group!!!


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