Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Status

Monday, July 9: Today we went to Kiira High School to teach art, music and science classes.  The children are so willing to learn and the teachers are as well. We teach them techniques they can use to teach their classes after we leave.  After teaching, we held a talent show. This was as much fun as the dance!  We had Sarah and Katie teach 20 students how to sing a song.  Natalie sang to Alvin playing guitar. We did not know how talented they are!    Katarra showed the art work that her students had made. These were incredible. These kids are so talented. We are taking them back to sell.  Then, the Headmaster Moses and Head Mistress Rachel sang and danced.  This was so cool. It was so cool in fact, that Mama Koi Koi, Katelynn and others had to join in. I swear, I have no idea how their hips move like that!  They tried like hell to teach us.  It was a very happy day and very much needed after some of the sadness we have seen.

While this was all happening, Mark, Emma and Moses went to tend to the little boy from Kagoma Gate with the jaw infection.  His name is Ian.  Turns out his x-ray looks very bad.  They suspect he has a cancer than occurs in children in Africa. They are admitting him to Jinja Hospital Tuesday.  Things are not looking very good for this little boy.

Tuesday, July 10: Today is family meal day with the Koi Koi Kids.  Lunch was cooked by Pauline, Cecelia and others.  We were supposed to eat at noon, but as in Africa, we ate at 4PM!   The koi koi kids got their sponsor gifts and other things as well.  They made s'mores! They'd never seen those before - it was a BIG hit.  

We had our very sad goodbyes with our Ugandan Family. What we've decided is that we don't say "see you next year", we say "see you soon".  We love them all so much.  I will cry as I write this, so time to stop!

Mark has to stay a few more days for the Andrew/Julius court.  The rest of the team is now in Entebbe airport (delayed) - seems to be an every day occurrence!

When we return, we will load pictures. Thank you for following and I'll see you in the US!

Mama Koi Koi

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