Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hello Everyone! As I write this, Mark, Moses, Counsel Rachel and I are waiting at court to meet about finalizing paperwork for adopting Andrew. Uganda has had recent child trafficking occur and they are "cracking" down pretty seriously on anyone who wants to adopt. The judge keeps apologizing as he asks for more documentation, but we AGREE, we also want to protect the children. So, I wanted to give you all a status as to what we've been up to since arriving in Uganda. I know you love to see the pictures, but we felt a description would also help you understand where we are.

We arrived on Friday, June 29. We went to the hotel to get organized. It was a 3 hour drive or more. The koi koi kids were waiting for us at the airport. WONDERFUL surprise as Mark and Moses were in court re: Julius. The kids ALL LOOK GREAT and grew a few inches since I last saw them.  

Saturday, June 30 we went to Kagoma Gate to meet the villagers again and being painting/decorating the new school. It was amazing to see in person. The HUGE 3 room school for this lost village gives me chills just thinking about their lives are forever changed.  

Sunday, July 1 we attended church with our Head Mistress Rachel and Head Master Moses at the Kiira Secondary School (high school). That lasted for 4 hours. Amazing to experience.

Monday, July 2 we traveled to our Moses (TGCA Director) primary school at Bugosa (elementary school). We taught several classes to the children: literacy, art and music. Part of the team made soup for the kids. The leader was Fred, the Soup Man as the kids know him! We then showed a movie for the children. TGC/TGCA also paid for the primary school well to be fixed. We also met with the electric company in order for them to charge a minimal fee so that the school can stay opened! They cannot function without water. This we were able to witness the water flowing on this day.

Tuesday, July 3 we made more soup for the bugosa school children. We also taught math class. The children sang for us to show their appreciation. They sang a very special song "You are my Sunshine" and they changed the works to include Mark, Kelly and Denise. This brought MANY tears!  

Wednesday, July 4 today, while Mark, Moses and I are at court (just finished for Andrew paperwork and we are now accepted to present) we will meet with the high court judge to get feedback on Friday's testimonies about the case against Julius. The rest of the team is at the women's prison where they will learn how to make sanitary pads with the sewing machines TGCA had fixed for them to use. When they get out of prison, they will have a skill to sell and survive on. TGCA has provided sewing lessons to the women prior to our arrival in order to be prepared to learn the pattern. They also make wonderful hand bags. These women, most are there in self defense of their husbands trying to hurt or kill them. They do not deserve to be in prison. If they have children, and there is no family to take in the children, they go with the mom. This just creates a terrible cycle where the child grows up and ends up in prison themselves as they know nothing else. We are working on many programs to help them so that they can survive outside of prison. I will be back later. Mark will load more pictures. We have actually followed our project plan for once :) and have gotten A LOT done.

Mama Koi Koi


  1. Hi Guys. This is Andrea and Thad. Boy do we miss you all and all of our Ugandan Family. The pictures bring it all back. Tony, the mural is amazing. Thanks to all for all of your hard work for all of the children and their families. Kelly, give "my girls" a big hug and tell them I miss them. We will keep track daily. Helps us to feel like we are there with all of you. Looks like the sun is shining there this year too!!! Can't wait to see more pics and hear all of the stories. Love to all, Andrea and Thad

  2. Thad, Dan in Wairaka was asking for you. Priscilla was looking for Andrea. I assured them that you will be back to see them one day.