Monday, July 9, 2012

Tuesday (Sarah)

     Adding memorable items to Fletch's list, I won't soon forget women bending from the waist and reaching down to hand scrub laundry in large plastic basins.  Everyone has a large plastic basin.  I mean everyone.  How is it that the population is commonly so fresh and clean, their white shirts white, when the soil here is red and they live so close to the land.  It's miraculous.

     Everyone also seems to have one or more yellow plastic 5 gallon water jugs which they seem to be continuously carrying from here to there on their heads.  There is no central water system, so traveling to a well regularly is necessary.  (We all wonder what might have come in them originally, automobile oil or some other dangerous liquid?)  There are simply millions of them.

     Lets not forget the bicycles!  It is not enough to simply ride a bicycle here, one must load up with a half truckload of bags of bread, or a mattress, or a 6' long bag of 'coal', or bananas, perhaps a table, chairs....whatever needs to get from here to there.  The Ugandans have excellent balance.

     I won't forget the Muslim call to worship that occurs every night at 7 p.m. and at the crack of dawn every morning.  It sounds as though it is broadcast through a loudspeaker system just outside our hotel gate and it makes me curious to go see.

     More to come....

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