Thursday, July 5, 2012

This is Ann: Yesterday was an experience that made you really believe that there is a chance that people can really make a difference in a life. I saw the women in a prison situation take to a sewing project beside the guards and begin a project that will carry them to a new level of personal production and confidence in who they are and what they can be. Along with their babies, who live with them there, they began to sew pads that they can use and sell to make money to support their children for a better life away from the world. One woman I saw, while sitting together as a large group, had a very far away and sad face, almost tearful She made me wonder what she was thinking of. In turn, it made me think of what she was thinking of. Had she just entered? Who was she missing? Was she pondering what she had done? I could almost feel her pain through her sad face and she gave me a choked up feeling when she could not even smile as the other women were singing and dancing and seeming to enjoy the moment with their entertainment for us. I hope she can reconcile her place and find a peace for the time of her confinement. I will remember her face forever.

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