Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kagoma Gate Ground Breaking with Government Officials!

All: check out this link where the Kagoma Gate groundbreaking features the high government officials.  

We send a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Saratoga County Soroptimist for helping to make this happen.  

The final agreements are being worked out which will give TGCA and the village the land adjacent to the village. Here we will will build the birthing center, the latrines and the fruit tree plantation. Construction starts within the next 2 weeks, after the standing trees are removed.   

We'd also like to send out a very special THANK YOU to part of our UK family, Rosemary & Ken Burdass & family.  In addition to, Helen, Roger and Lucinda Taylor who raised the funds to build the first 5-stall latrine building in the village which will vastly improve sanitation. 

COMING SOON: Please look for our upcoming Fruit tree drive: We will start planting fruit trees in Kagoma Gate!!!  These trees will provide food for generations of villagers. just ONE brick ($5) will provide a fruit tree feeding these villagers for many, many generations.

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