Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bull - Update

Moses is in Kampala today and has scheduled Bull's surgery for this coming Monday, Nov 5th!  I will keep you all posted...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weeraba Ssebo Obituary

This morning we woke to this e-mail from Emma:

Hello all,
It is that old man, ever putting on a mayoral hat, he left his country of origin Rwanda and found a new home in Kagoma gate of Uganda. He had just started enjoying one of the privileges from TGCA, I mean the mud house our Organization donated to him close to a year ago! 

He passed away last night at around 10:00pm in his house. He has been all alone since the time he left Rwanda, save for the friendship he created in his second country.
Burial is today between 3:00- 4:00pm.

May his soul rest in Eternity!    

This old man, Ssebo Galveri, worked all his life cutting sugarcane (considered the worlds worst job) unable to work any longer and unable to return to Rwanda due to the genocide. He settled on a plot of land we now call Kagoma Gate. He lived his whole life without a mate and he was cared for late in his life by other villagers, but lived in a horrific "shelter" open to the weather. ( picture below)

Through the love of all of you, The Giving Circle/ The Giving Circle Africa build him what was his dream home where he lived out the remainder of his life in a far better condition; but more importantly, he lived knowing he and his life mattered and someone cared about him.  NO act of compassion is too small to change a life.

                           Weeraba Ssebo (Farewell sir) 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kigongo (Bull) Update

As many of you know, Kigongo (Bull)  has suffered from many things since birth. He has scoliosis, one leg shorter than the other which caused great pain: which we helped by having his special shoe made.  The real problem is with his longer leg, which for all of you who know him, know is covered with scars.  This leg was often infected when he was very little living on the island in Lake Victoria. The scars are from the machete which was used to drain the infections. This leg has always been a great source of much of his pain for which we feared may be bone cancer.  Moses took him to Kampala yesterday to have it looked at.

An appointment was made and we traveled yesterday. The examination and an x-ray reveled that an infection was eroding the born with an accumulated puss (boil) with in the bone hence the acute pain he is experience of late despite interventions. He recommended that a solution to the problem, would be a surgery if he is to be relieved of the pain and mitigation of further complications.
Unfortunately they didn't give me any write up( medical notes) save for the X-ray film and the payment receipts  but the rest are kept on file with in the hospital.
The doctor suggested that the hospital charges would be to a tune of 3,000,000= (an average of $1200.) he did said, its an expensive operation.So he advised that when raise the said money then we can make an appointment and after the operation then we should allow a minimum of a weeks' time while at hospital which could be the extra cost we could incur as up keep.  {MOSES}

We will keep you all updated on his progress as we are trying to get him scheduled for surgery.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Uniforms, Uniforms, Uniforms!

This is why we work so hard to raise funds and do the work we do!

Uganda's poorest people/village now has a school opening this January, a play ground, new construction has started on the Soroptimist birthing center, shortly thereafter, the pit latrines for the school, and a 200+ fruit tree plantation providing a long term sustainable food source for the village. 

We have to date 79 trees funded. Please consider sponsoring a tree(s) for just $5/one brick buys a tree.

PLEASE Enjoy the pictures of the school uniforms of The Giving Circle Africa's Friendship School @ Kagoma Gate!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meet Mary Teresa Stevens!

Little Mary, who we have all come to love, has been adopted by the Stevens family in the US. Mary's young life was filled with great suffering and abuse.  Moses and Cecelia took her in 2 years ago to remove her from her horrible situation.  

She now will know the joy of a loving family. Congrats to the Stevens family and Moses' GREAT work on all he and his family has done for Mary. We will miss her on trips to Uganda but just found out that we will be able to see her occasionally in the US as they have family nearby where we live in NY!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Kagoma Gate:

Birthing Center
Incubator blankets . We've been talking with this organization: http://embraceglobal.org/main/product , http://www.embraceinnovations.com/embrace-nest.html. This is an incredible product, perfect for the birthing center in Kagoma!  Can also be utilized when we build our 2nd one in Wairaka. 

The land
Moses has done a great job in negotiating with Nileply with the help of our government friend, the Honorable Daudi Migereko, the current Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. 

Construction will start on the 5-stall latrine block that will serve the school and the whole village. This is thanks to our friends in the UK.

Fruit trees
We will plant 200 fruit trees in the village giving them a long term food source used for the school and village.  You can donate a tree for $5, that is 1 brick = 1 tree. 

Our 2 special boys
1. Regan, the mal-nutritioned baby, is doing very well. Moses reports he looks great and healthy.
2. Iyan, boy with the jaw infection, is taking one step forward and 2 steps back. We have had him on meds now for several months. The meds seem to help the infection then it rages back with the wound still open, wet and draining. We will keep pushing hard. When Mark is back in Uganda in November,  they will take him back to the Jinja hospital or perhaps to Kampala to the British hospital.

Keep checking back for more updates!  Thank you all for your support!