Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Kagoma Gate:

Birthing Center
Incubator blankets . We've been talking with this organization: http://embraceglobal.org/main/product , http://www.embraceinnovations.com/embrace-nest.html. This is an incredible product, perfect for the birthing center in Kagoma!  Can also be utilized when we build our 2nd one in Wairaka. 

The land
Moses has done a great job in negotiating with Nileply with the help of our government friend, the Honorable Daudi Migereko, the current Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. 

Construction will start on the 5-stall latrine block that will serve the school and the whole village. This is thanks to our friends in the UK.

Fruit trees
We will plant 200 fruit trees in the village giving them a long term food source used for the school and village.  You can donate a tree for $5, that is 1 brick = 1 tree. 

Our 2 special boys
1. Regan, the mal-nutritioned baby, is doing very well. Moses reports he looks great and healthy.
2. Iyan, boy with the jaw infection, is taking one step forward and 2 steps back. We have had him on meds now for several months. The meds seem to help the infection then it rages back with the wound still open, wet and draining. We will keep pushing hard. When Mark is back in Uganda in November,  they will take him back to the Jinja hospital or perhaps to Kampala to the British hospital.

Keep checking back for more updates!  Thank you all for your support!

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