Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weeraba Ssebo Obituary

This morning we woke to this e-mail from Emma:

Hello all,
It is that old man, ever putting on a mayoral hat, he left his country of origin Rwanda and found a new home in Kagoma gate of Uganda. He had just started enjoying one of the privileges from TGCA, I mean the mud house our Organization donated to him close to a year ago! 

He passed away last night at around 10:00pm in his house. He has been all alone since the time he left Rwanda, save for the friendship he created in his second country.
Burial is today between 3:00- 4:00pm.

May his soul rest in Eternity!    

This old man, Ssebo Galveri, worked all his life cutting sugarcane (considered the worlds worst job) unable to work any longer and unable to return to Rwanda due to the genocide. He settled on a plot of land we now call Kagoma Gate. He lived his whole life without a mate and he was cared for late in his life by other villagers, but lived in a horrific "shelter" open to the weather. ( picture below)

Through the love of all of you, The Giving Circle/ The Giving Circle Africa build him what was his dream home where he lived out the remainder of his life in a far better condition; but more importantly, he lived knowing he and his life mattered and someone cared about him.  NO act of compassion is too small to change a life.

                           Weeraba Ssebo (Farewell sir) 

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