Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bull's Surgery Update!

Hi everyone, 

We are all taking a deep breath now the surgery is finished and below are pictures from Moses.  Moses as always has done a great job as has Ben (new Koi Koi house daddy) 

First is an e-mail from Colleen Stevens (Mary's new parents) who are still in Kampala working through Mary's visa, they went to the hospital this morning to be with Bull before the surgery she and her husband are nurses.

Saw Bull and his Mom around 10am. He was still waiting. His blood count was low last night, so they had to transfuse him. The Xrays are quite concerning - I don't suppose they have CT scan capabilities here? It sounds like the docs anticipate finding an abscess type of insult to the bone tissue. Moses was unsure of the actual surgery plans, but I explained they can fill the pocket with antibiotic capsules, they can put in a titanium rod to support the length of the bone, they also have rods that are infused with antibiotics that can slow release the medicine into the tissue. The thing is, I have no idea what their capabilities or resources are here. A bone infection that large - called osteomyelitis - home in the States would require 6 weeks of IV antibiotics. There is a further concern that it might not be an abscess - has the site ever been biopsied? Larry and I spent some time with Moses when he got there, then went back in to see Bull to say good-bye. We will probably visit again tomorrow. There was another person in surgery ahead of Bull, so Moses anticipated him being taken back early afternoon. As soon as I get contact/info from Moses, I will be glad to pass it on!  And the first thing we did was pass on the hugs! Not a lot of English exchanged, but he knew the words Poppa Mark and Mama Koi Koi! He smiled for that!    Colleen Stevens

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