Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mark's Last Day - Update

Together we, this small charity, has changed the world for some of the Earth's poorest people.

Yesterday we moved from project to project, location to location.

In Kagoma
When Mark got there you could hear the kids in the class room with the teaching going on and their singing and repeating the teacher's words. Mark walked into each room to see the desks filled and the kids in their uniforms, they would then sing the welcome song...Mark lost it had to walk to be alone for some time.

In the P1 room in the front row, middle desk, sits a tiny boy looking very sharp in his new uniform, Iyan. From the edge of death last summer and for months this year this boy sits in this villages school that so many of you helped build, looking very "smart" (well dressed). His wound now closed and healed over. He is still a step slower than the rest of the kids but so alive.

The class rooms were filled from the main Kagoma village and the 2 outlying "villages". From the huts that can be seen looking from behind the school, this kid,  a one hour walk (but not through the cane), they were so excited.

The Latrines:
They look great, the learning curve has been a bit long, Moses did a lesson on how to use them and its helping. We no longer find turds behind the wall outside the door but now at least inside the stall and kind of close to the hole! Well, thats on the boys side, girls seem to be understanding and have better aim. 

We are almost 80% funded. Once this is built these children will have a MEAL every day, this is most important.

Birthing Center:
We have decided with the LC and team where this birthing center building will go and we laid it out on the land.  This will have an amazing affect on the villagers!

Next to Wairaka.

It was so heart warming to see so many villagers from Wairaka at court, we filled the room. They love you all, they LOVE TGC/TGCA. I walked on our land including where the school WILL be built, Mark can feel it now.   He walked to the greenhouse with its tomato plants growing well.
Over the week, the children filled the land every time we came, always on the play ground we built always asking about all of you.

Stopped at Busoga Jr School
Said hello to our friends there, the children are so excited for our return and the fun, food and games we bring them. They have water from their well because WE repaired it last summer. Same is true for Kirra High which Mark was at several times this trip. They are so excited for our return and grateful for all we do.

Next to pick up Kalimu at our office.  
Kalimu is of course, one of our sons, one of the Koi Koi kids. While the other kids have started at New Victory, Kalimu is our FIRST to enter high school, he did GREAT on his P7 test, placing very close to the VERY top of the class.  He will attend Kiira High as will our our kids. To get to high school in Uganda is hard, so few do, but our Koi Koi kids will!

Lastly to New Victory to see the main reason we fought so hard, to see our children, children who knew such great suffering but no longer. The faces of all our kids filled with smiles and a peace now, even little Monica who in the past little face was filled with sadness, she now full of smiles. Fred, who suffered the most and smiled never, he still fights his smiles (now because he is a teen and needs to be "cool" and the big brother) he lights up.

I bought the girls earrings (studs are Ok to have at school) and the boys bracelets from all of us to them. They were so happy and ask "when is everyone coming?"  I talked to them in away they could all understand about court and going home soon. I ended with hugs and telling them they are loved by so many people. Its been a crazy trip, I lost lots of needed weight, its been a long 2 years for all of us, its about over.  April 4th ends this and we bring them home. We received calls from the Speaker of Parliaments' Head of Security, Moses, a huge man who was such a great help. He asked how court went as the Speaker wants updates on the outcome and how we are treated.

Julius once said in his empty threats, "I know very powerful people and can hurt you" fact is he knows no one. Sitting at our office we are visited by high LCs , by mayors, by Chiefs we were welcomed to the office for a meeting and received help from Uganda's 2 most powerful people, the Speaker who could be soon president.  Why? because what we do helps Uganda's poorest people and they are grateful to you all.

At 11pm Uganda time, Chris and Mark will leave the warmth and sun of Uganda to return to snow and cold, oh yes, good times.

May you all and may all beings be well and happy, safe, free, educated and fed! 
Thanks to TGC/TGCA so many are.

Momma & Poppa Koi Koi

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