Monday, April 29, 2013

Party with a purpose! Midwife fundraiser given by Caren Baker & Hope Neikirk

After building a birth center and health center for the  villages of Kagoma Gate and Wairaka, The Giving Circle is in need of hiring a Ugandan midwife.  What a perfect fit... Caren is a practicing midwife  and Hope is a R.N. here in the U.S. The annual salary for the Ugandan midwife is $3,000.00. It is Caren's and Hope's goal to gather a core group of people to support this salary to make the dream for this community come true.  They held the first of two potential dinner parties to raise the needed funds. Sponsoring a midwife will impact health care of many women and children of these communities. It is a real and direct way of making a difference. 100% of any donation is tax deductible and goes directly to the salary needed.   Please check out the video from the dinner party, which was a HUGE success! Thank you Hope & Caren!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Family Behind the Hotel....

Email from Moses:

Hi Brother,
At last the family received their gift. The problem was that Lanterns were out of stock.
We found when the boys were still at school but the rest of the family were so so happy
for the offer and the gentleman was speechless, it was big surprise.
They conveyed regards and appreciation to you and entire organization.
Peace and Love to you all,

Babies Kelly & Mark

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kagoma Kitchen Building Completed!

This week the kitchen building was completed. TODAY, the children of Uganda's poorest village had LUNCH!!! Watch and enjoy!!! 

This is truly just SO life changing!  Look at these children!