Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kagoma Gate

When we visited Kagoma Gate in 2012 the children were quiet, had difficulty making eye contact with us, and spoke no English. Yet they were so happy to watch their new school being built. School classes commenced in January 2013, and when we returned to Kagoma Gate today - well the change in these children was almost overwhelming to absorb. These same beautiful little ones were waiting for us when we arrived. They joyously greeted us as we disembarked the bus with greetings in English of Hello and Welcome! And they sang and danced for us with gusto. We observed them in their classrooms and they are excellent students. They have learned so much in the last 6 months. The women were just as excited to do the pad project today. They sewed those by hand and the end product was as good as any sewn on a machine. At the end of class each young woman requested more pattern pieces to take home to make even more. Eight of the women are pregnant and they were so very thankful for the birthing kits.  One woman said that her baby would come soon and she feels "no longer of anxiety" knowing that she has clean birthing materials and our midwife there to assist her. The children were served porridge from our new kitchen in the morning, then later in the day Fred used the kitchen to make chicken vegetable soup. The children left school with their tummies full and smiles on their faces. And I have to say that I was happy to be able to use our new latrines instead of the open sugarcane fields. When we left for the day, everyone in the village was still smiling and laughing, and so were we - and when I took one last look, I understood the sincerity of their interaction with us and us with them. For we are family, one family working on common goals, each rooted in bringing hope and healing to those in need. We learn from each other and Love just grows and makes Hope a real and sustainable concept. Looking forward to growing more love and hope tomorrow in Wairaka.

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