Friday, June 28, 2013

Project Plan Continued....

Day 2 Wednesday

Sam and Danielle arrived in  Jinja around mid-day. They ran out of fuel on the way home, so they had some delays but made it safely but tired.

The team went to Wairaka to teach our craft women how to sew Aprons.  The team not doing the sewing played with the children.

Katie held a soccer game as well.   Was a great day!

Day 3 Thursday

The team traveled to Basoga Elementary School where we read books and activities surrounding the reading with the children.

Katie held a soccer game and Peg hit golf balls with the kids too!

Some of the team also did puzzles with them too.

Mid-day the team traveled to Kiira High School where we held:
- teach the teacher
- music class - these kids are SO talented!
- poetry class - the kids wrote amazing poems!

Day 4 Friday

Today the team traveled again to Kiira High School.  Some of the team taught the following classes:
- Geography
- DNA/RNA/Protein
- First Aid
- Dance
- Talent Show

The kids LOVED the dancing and talent show the best but we sure made a big difference in their lives. We donated 2 laptops, a printer and other supplies.  The HeadMaster told us that the gifts we donated last year save them a lot of money in copying and having computers to better teach their kids!

Such a great experience. Stay tuned for other team member blog posts!

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