Thursday, June 27, 2013

This is Ann and I want to tell you about what I did today at the high school because it was very exciting! I was able to work with a group of about 30 teachers of different subject areas and grades who came together after a day of teaching their students for a 1 hour inservice with me. I introduced to them Cognitive Critical and Creative Thinking Skills for their students. It was very new for all of them so we talked about why they needed to do it. We did a brainstorming session to practice one of the creative thinking skills as well which certainly challenged them! After this "quick and dirty" intro to these concepts in which I told them they no longer were allowed to open their students heads and pour info in and close it and send them home, they saw that thinking was a good thing to do in school! I also threw at them the basic skeleton of Response to Intervention concept with some ideas and materials left behind for them to learn more about before I return next year. I hope I have lit a fire in their educational fireplace, because the educational system needs a boost. I also told them that teaching is an important job and they are an important person in their students' lives- never underestimate that! I'm happy to be back working with the children in the schools.


  1. Sounds like a great lesson Ann! I would have loved to have been there. Hope you are enjoying your time again this year.
    Planning on seeing any chimps this time??
    -Kelly Quinn

  2. Ann - very cool. One of the hardest things Mary had to adjust to was following "a to b to c and coming up with abc". She could print her letters beautifully - copy anything you showed her, but to read it back and tell you what it meant? Nada. I found I had to start all the way back at letter sounds -she knew the alphabet, but not the sounds. Then we moved to _at, _am, _an and so on. In school we enrolled her in RTI and it was very successful, and she will be in it again next term. Great things you are working on over there!! Colleen