Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Day 7

On Monday the team went to the women's prison (our 3rd trip). We brought them rice, meat and banana's  They sang and danced in appreciation!  This prison is very special to us. Most, but not all, but most, of the women are there because they tried to defend themselves against abuse by their spouse.  The ones that have babies, take the babies to prison with them.   So, for three years we've been bringing them things to help them, like mattresses, food, and other things.  The woman in charge there is SO good to these women.   It's an amazing place.

Day 8

Today was adult education days in Wairaka and buying of our women's crafts.  We had 4 stations for adult education:
- HIV/Malaria
- First Aid
- Business Skills
- Yoga

THE MOST AMAZING THING ALSO HAPPENED TODAY - Mark and I went to court for the legal guardianship of Andrew. The Magistrate granted the legal guardianship. Moses, Andrew's Mom, Andrew's Grand father, Mark and I just cried!  It's been 3 years!

Now, I have to get us into the US Embassy to file the immigrant visa and schedule Andrew's physical.   I called them 20 times today and no success.  I try again tomorrow...

Wish us luck as we fly on Friday and have only Wednesday or Thursday to make this happen or Mark stays longer! Ugh.

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  1. I am soooo happy to hear about Andrew. Now if the U.S. Embassy will cooperate and show some compassion. Jean and I will be sending good vibes across the Atlantic.