Thursday, July 4, 2013

Andrew Status....

So, we got through the hard part with getting legal guardianship granted after 3 years!  Now, we find out from the US Embassy in Kampala that there is a form/application that must be done from the US from US Immigration Services where you have to have background checks, finger printing, home audit etc...which we DID NOT know about. Several months ago we started this process but Andrews age issues caused much confusion.   So sad, so close.   This process can take 2-3 months.  Moses will explain to Andrew as after court was over, he asked if he can leave "right now" (well, made sounds mostly and used his hands to motion a plane taking off).  This is so disappointing.  We will go home and get this started right away.  I have a contact in the US for an immigration attorney for whom I've emailed immediately to see if we can expedite in any way (and also make sure we haven't missed anything else).


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  1. Oh no! This is too much. It's so disheartening that someone can't just step back, look at what's trying to be accomplished and make a humane decision! So many gutless. It's sad.