Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Morning/Wesesotia! (I have no idea how to spell that.)
This is Danielle, writing to you from a gorgeous morning here in Njeru (across the Nile from Jinja).

It's Monday, and I can't believe how quickly time has gone by.  I feel like we just arrived yesterday.
I am dreading leaving this place -- there is just something about it that tethers you down and holds you to the red soil.  Usually it's a few kids hanging off your arms and jumping on your back that make you feel like you can't ever leave (figuratively and literally...)

So many things about Uganda are extremely different than America.  Everything from how you dress, to how you have conversations, to how you drive, to how you eat.  Sometimes the cultural differences are overwhelming, and you feel like you're never doing the right thing.  Or you just stand awkwardly and wonder what you should be doing.  The good news is that you never feel like that when you are with the children.  I swear I could sit on the ground all day with 3 kids climbing on top of me and pulling my hair out by the roots in the blazing hot sun and never be tired.  Wairaka is where I learned to listen to my heart.

In America, I have hard time with that.  I'm always torn between doing what I want to do and doing something I should be doing.  I'm always busy trying to make everyone happy and I don't have 5 minutes to sit down and think about how I am feeling and check-in with myself.
I've never felt like that in Wairaka.
And that's why it is my favorite place in the world.
It might be the only place I can sit and simply be, and feel like I am doing everything right.  It's not often you feel like you are in exactly the right place at the right time.  And I am blessed to feel that way every time I see the smiling kids at Wairaka.  I think everyone on this team would tell you the same exact thing.

There's just something about this place.
You need to come experience it for yourself.

With much love and overwhelming joy,

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  1. Wonderfully said Danielle! My wife is sitting next to me crying.
    You are wise beyond your years.

    Give our Kasifa a hug and kiss for us
    Ron Deutsch