Friday, July 5, 2013

Last Update from Uganda....

Thursday we ran around dropping off supplies to Basoga Primary School, visited Emma & Rose's home, visited Moses & Cecelia's home...

THEN it POURED!  Rained so much we couldn't take the team on the bus to say good bye to Wairaka!  Yasim took Katie and Az to say good bye to the kids in Wairaka in a car.  That's the hardest part.  Katie and Az came back very emotional as it happens every year. It's so hard to say good bye so we say "see you later".

We also experienced an earth quake night before last.  Interesting.

So, we are all in Entebbe airport right now.  Heading back home.  Long journey ahead of us...we arrive at JFK around 9PM.  Then the Upstate Transit bus will drop folks at Crossgates and the rest at the Bertrand home.

Will post more pics when we can....

Thanks for checking up on us on our trip. Was a great trip and a good team.

Momma Koi Koi

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