Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Special Dedication to Afuwa!

Please take the time to read this very special letter from one of our special sponsors: The Hellwig Family

On March 25th, 2011 a baby horse was born in Schuylerville, NY at Cricket Hill Farm (  Her mom’s name was Mizzen Magic and her dads name was Posse.

On August 1st, 2013 she was given a name. Her name is now Afuwa and is registered with The Jockey Club in the USA. Her current barn is located just 8 miles from where she was born in Saratoga Springs, NY. The same Saratoga Springs that also gave birth to the Giving Circle, which we all know has meant a great deal to families in Uganda as well as the faithful student body of Saratoga Springs High School and surrounding community!

In an ongoing effort to create new awareness/opportunities, the Hellwig family thought it might be a nice idea to name the horse Afuwa in honor of all the efforts of the Giving Circle and the special relationship we have grown with our friend Afuwa.

Sometime within the next couple weeks Afuwa will begin her racing career and a portion of all the money she earns will be sent to the Giving Circle to manage.  It would be our pleasure to invite you and anyone who would be interested in coming to the Saratoga Racetrack on the day of her race, to support Afuwa and the positive message we aim to promote by naming our filly after the beautiful young girl we sponsor through your organization. 

We will find out about her eligibility to run at Saratoga shortly and will keep you posted as to when and if she races in our hometown. If not, she will be racing at Belmont, in which case we will have to support her through the Internet. 

I have attached Afuwa’s picture below. She is the Bay Filly on the outside in this picture.  The picture was taken August 6th, 2013 in training at Saratoga Racecourse.

I will keep everyone in touch with her progress.

Best of Luck,
Victoria Hellwig and the Hellwig Family


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