Sunday, February 16, 2014

Small Medical Team Heading to Uganda

We have Hope, Caren, Ellie and Maureen from TGC heading to Uganda at the end of February for 2 weeks!  Their mission will be to:

  • visit our villagers in Wairaka
  • meet with our Midwife, Elizabeth to assess prenatal needs and work on the midwifery program we've started
  • HIV diagnosis and treatment
  • visit Kagoma Gate
  • tour fabric factory in Jinja for our sewing guild projects
  • visit woman's prision
  • visit busoga school (now one of the TGCs school)
  • visit the Koi Koi House and our wonderful children
Also, our Danielle is working on a treatment program for Belinda's feet.  Dr. Manny Cirenza is in Uganda traveling with AOET's travel team and he will also meet with Belinda for an assessment. 

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