Saturday, March 1, 2014

First Day....

A memo from Moses:

So far so good,the morning begun well and the project activists were accomplished on time. That is we begun with the bank as we were unable yesterday as every body was exhausted and it was already late. we later went to the office brief meeting and some introductions Emma,Paul, Ben, Elizabeth,Tabitha, Moses kiira high. 

Checking and staffing the project supplies in the doffs. Discussions with Elizabeth,Cecilia,Tabitha and Moses Kiira high over the jigger issues.

That as it may we had fun, going along the Nile from Rippon falls and later to the Source of the Nile and enjoyed a boat ride to have feel of the waters. And related history of this long amazing river.
so tomorrow the koikoi kids will be going with the guests to church there after We shall host them At the home. Our afternoon shall be in Wairaka, you are all welcome in camera!!!!!
Nice day,

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