Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Pics....

The new kitchen, Max & Milanna Orza's Kitchen!

The BJJ classroom block is white washed! Ready for paint.

Will's new do!

Az on Poppa Koi Koi (Koi Koi House Dad)'s back. Bernard said he's carrying his new baby!  In fact, he and Pauline just had a new baby boy named Baby John (after John Tamoshaunas).

Will Mann with his new do!

Emma proudly wearing the BJJ T-shirt (he wore it two days in a row)!!

Az with one of Moses' daughters: Vicenzia

Fred finally gave in!!

Fred with his sponsor child: Hawa. He's a great sponsor dad!

New Diapers for the wairaka babies!  They are re-usable.

Fred with Jowali - two nuts!

Katelynn and Fred demonstrating the new diapers

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  1. Wow!!! Great photos. You guys are rocking it in Uganda!
    Will looks funky fresh in his new doo! And John could not look more happy - its like he is the proud poppa! Congrats to all for a great trip and incredible work. Safe travels home and congrats to all for another great trip