Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kagoma Gate Teaching Day

Today I was able to meet the community of Kagoma Gate and teach math and science to Primary 3-4. The children were hesitant at first, but became engaged with little encouragement. Their favorite part was the music and making a small guitar with rubber bands. They also enjoyed measuring each other and classroom items. 

Outside of class students became super excited to see that I had stickers to reward them. I was not prepared however for the mob of children that resulted. I was surrounded and could not break free of the group. Students there wanted a sticker so badly that one could not restrain herself and peed on my sandals. This is a reminder of some of the issues that remain, like teaching the children to use the latrine correctly. 

I enjoyed dancing with the children and teaching the songs, too. They still have joy in such hard conditions. I am honored every time that I can coax a smile from them. :)



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  1. Way to go Hilary
    Great job!!
    The kids must be loving you. rubber band guitars- GREAT IDEA!