Friday, July 11, 2014

Last 2 Days...

Thursday, July 10 we went back to Busoga Junior School. There we taught more classes:
- Anatomy/Malaria/ Microscopy - Primary  6-7
 - Measurement – Primary 3
 - Craft – Primary 4
 - Coloring/Puzzles – Primary 1- 2

We also went to visit Pauline and Baby John, SOOOOO cute!  John is so happy to have his namesake here in Uganda!

We then went to the Koi Koi House to see them for the last time this trip.  Oh, how I hate those goodbyes!

Friday, July 11:
Today is our last day with our Ugandan Family. This is the hardest day of all.  We will go to Moses and Cecelia's for a late lunch and then to Wairaka to say goodbye for another year.  

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