Sunday, July 6, 2014

Projects July 4 & 5

Friday July 4th we:
- Went to the secondary school: Kiira High
- Taught Solar System
- Tie Die Shirts with the students
- Taught Sound
- Taught Geography & Economics
- Taught Solar Power
- Taught Malaria/Anatomy/Microscopy

Some of us broke away to work on the sustainable ongoing projects: 
- Met with the Sewing Guild: these woman, especially Tabitha, are doing SO well.  Tabitha, the lead, discussed her business plan with us outlining her plans for the first year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.  I was very impressed with their progress to date and the quality of their work is amazing. They are making the Busoga Giving Circle Africa school uniforms and amazing dresses for little girls, aprons, etc. Andrea is leading this project.
- Met with a local Vet to discuss how to teach Peter, our farmer at Wairaka, how to tend to the animals (chickens etc) on our farm.  This was very enlightening.  Andy, our resident Vet, and Andrea (leadng this project) also attended to help us move our farming/agriculture projects forward.

Saturday, July 5th we:
- had sponsorship day at Wairaka
- the sponsored children wrote letters/pictures to their sponsors
- we did the group video, Rachel and Andy taught them the Happy song HYSTERICAL

- at night we went to the Koi Koi House for our family meal. The children are beautiful, so healthy. Our Momma Pauline is due at the end of the month with a new baby!  Poppa Bernard did the cooking with help from the neighbors - food was DELICIOUS.  The Koi Koi Kids are so healthy and happy.  They sang for us, we distributed the house supplies that so many of you donated. They are very very grateful.  These supplies will be such a help to them.  Thank you all so very much!

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