Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Projects Monday, July 1st

Today the team went to Kagoma Gate to meet the villagers and set up for the classes to teach for the day which consisted of the following:

- Start Solar Projects: the solar panels on the school in addition to a solar light by the latrines and the well. VERY SUCCESSFUL!  For the first time this village has light!
- Reading to Primary 1 and 2 classes
- Teach sound/measurement class to Primary 3
- Teach solar system and solar power to Primary 4

Fred (or should I say Frrreeeeddddd and the cooking team made the famous SOUP for all villagers.  They love this!

A meeting with the Midwife also occurred. This was very good as well.

On another, my husband Mark and I along with Moses had to go to the Jinja Hospital because Mark started to lose his vision in his left eye!  He described it as a lot of "black lines" started showing in his eye, then it "burst" which turned into tiny black spots, like floaters.  Mark saw several specialists, there was no bleeding but he definitely has a torn retina.  Moses is making an appointment to see the one and only specialist in Kampala for an appointment, hopefully Wednesday.  So, that is exciting --- NOT!  I'm talking to our eye doctor when get home as Mark was just examined and was dilated and no indication anything was starting to tear. According to these specialists, they were shocked this just happened a few hours before as this had to have been starting a while back.

Stay tuned for more progress on projects and Mark....

Momma Koi Koi

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  1. So Sorry to hear Mark is not feeling well. Hope all goes well with the specialist. Glad projects are going well at Kagoma!
    My best regards to all