Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tuesday, July 9

Today the team went to the Women's Prison.  The women sang and danced for us.  We brought them sheets for their beds.  Fred (the soupman) also made soup for them.   Then some played net ball with the woman.  Andrea brought them seeds to plant a vertical garden for them to grow their own vegetables and we talked to them about their sewing guild.  They are doing well and they are so grateful we are helping them. When the women are released from prison, they will have skills in order to lead a better life when they are back to their villages. Also, most of these women don't belong there, they may have stolen food or was using self defense against their husband. But, they are there along with their little children until they get released.  It's very sad but the Warden, Sarah, and the guards are very good to these women and allow The Giving Circle (the only group allowed) to go in and help them.

THANK YOU TO ROSIE NOWHITNEY and her family for providing the supplies to the Prison (The Rosie Grant)!

I will post some pictures  later....

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