Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wednesday, July 2 Projects

So, today we went to Busoga Primary School and did the following:

- Made soup for the kids to eat - THEY LOVE THIS
- Taught the Solar System to Primary 6 & 7
- Taught how to build a bird house
- Read to Primary 1 & 2 combined
- Taught Sound to Primary 4 & 5 combined
- Taught Solar Power to Primary 6 & 7 combined
- We had a ping-pong table made for them, for which they've NEVER seen, so that was a big hit. This will remain at the school
- Other interactive games

UPDATE ON MARK: Moses and I misunderstood the Jinja specialists. This one in Kampala is the only one that does this retina surgery and she said it's bleeding and not a tear...she's not concerned at all that he wait until we get home. There could be a flat retinal tear behind the eye were her micrroscope can see but she's not at all concerned.  He's a bit better today after sleeping....the blood should dry up.  Strange, no idea why it would have happened.

Mark and I got back quite late from the airport, but Fred (lives in our Koi Koi orphanage) stayed with us at the hotel (first time in a hotel too) as he's going to teach art at Kagoma Gate this morning! He is SO shy! This child is so gifted in art...he draws amazing pictures for his sponsor parents, brother (Alex) and sister (Zoe).  Every year he gives them a big notebook of pics for us to bring back for them.  We also take some of his pictures and auction them off at Bill Reilly's Bethlehem High School to raise funds that go back into the projects to help the villagers here!

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