Saturday, August 30, 2014

Holy Cow!! We need a cow! Can you help?

It’s that time again, our kids are heading  back to school and to their school lunches.
Protein and fat are an essential part of every child’s health & development. In Africa both protein and fats are severely lacking in children’s limited diets.

At both of our schools we seek to feed the children each day, for some the best meal they get for some many days the only meal.

In an effort to increase the protein and fats in the children’s diet we need to add milk to their diet by adding cows milk to the children’s simple porridge each morning.

The need:
A) we need 2 cows at a total of $800 each cow ( with calf ) total just $1600
B) A pen at our Busoga school and repair of our existing pen in Wairaka= $2000
How you can help Please visit this link and consider a donation of what ever you would like to do, we are so grateful! Also perhaps share with your friends, business, school of clubs to consider making the school lunch of Ugandan children better!

What would be better than feeding children and perhaps having a cow named after your family, school, class or club.

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