Sunday, November 2, 2014

Meet Mwesogwa Denis....

When we first meet Denis this MOST amazing child we love so much, he was 9, A 9 year old with a "very old soul".  A very sickly very small boy,  in part to with his HIV/AIDS. A shy most kind and loving boy with the most amazing smile. Living in a tiny shack in the Bugembe slums with his brothers and mum, dad dead from HIV/AIDS.   

The first picture is when we first meet him, as Kelly, Frank and I talked on the porch of   Orphanage that would be come our Giving Circle Koi Koi House Denis walked over sat on my lap and feel asleep.

Denis is one of the children in our sponsorship program. Thanks to this program and his sponsor Denis's health has been so much better and he, very stable. He has had far better nutrition and done what he loves so much, gone to school.

Last year the long walk to school was taking its toll on him, the meds he takes for his AIDS makes him ( and all our sick children) weak at times and hard to wake up. Denis was often late for school. So we got him his pride and joy, a bike. This paid for by teen member Will Mann . In the pictures below you can see the smile on Denis face of pure joy thanks to this bike.

But the story gets better.  

Because of  what we do Denis finished school including high school. His dream was a long shot a very long shot, he wanted to be a nurse.

This week, this most special little boy was accepted into nursing school and he will attend!

Here the circle of Giving becomes even more clear, why we do what we do.

Denis is the brother of Andrew, for you who know Kelly and I have worked for 4 years to gain guardianship of Andrew ( which we have done) to bring him to the US for better medical care and live out his last days with us in less pain and great happiness.

Andrew is a late stage sickle cell anemia child also paralyzed from a stroke. 
After a long struggle due to his age and immigration laws we will not be able to bring him to the US.
We are doing our best to care for him with his mom in Uganda, when he dies we may not be there, but who will be is his most beloved brother Denis, who will be a nurse who will be caring for him.

When we first made the decision to seek to bring Andrew here, I called Moses in Uganda. I asked Moses to ask Denis ( standing next to him at the time) was it okay we took Andrew to the US to live to care for him.  Keep in mind Denis is full blown HIV/AIDS, this most special boy responded in tears , not "what about me" but rather " I am so happy you will care for my brother Andrew".

This is the " The Giving Circle" the circle of giving, this is why we do what we do.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Check this out!!!  Afuwa wins her FIRST race!  We are all so proud!